Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sample Sale Seduction

Are you a lucky lady that lives on a coast, particularly in NYC or LA? Know anyone you love and trust there? Well, if you do, you can snag yourself a bundle in bargains. The brands you know and love (and hate to spend half your paycheck on!) regularly conduct "Sample Sales" to sell off excess stock at ridiculously reduced prices. How can you take advantage of these great opportunties? It involves being in the know, and this is how...

1. Sign yourself up for sample sale e-mails. There area growing number of websites that focus only on sample sales and getting you to those bargains! Some great sites are and, so sign up and plan your lunchbreaks in advance!

2. Visit Sample Sale sites. There are locations that regularly host sample sales, such as clothingline in NYC ( This location has had amazing offers for Kooba handbags and True Religion jeans ($60 anyone!?).

There are, however, a few drawbacks. Be prepared for long lines at popular sales. If you don't get there early you might miss out on the best selections. Most sample sales accept credit cards, but bring some cash on you just in case if you can't verify that you can pay by credit card first.

The biggest sample sale seasons are around November and June - when companies want to move the last season's stock to make room for new products, so keep your eyes open ladies and happy shopping!!

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